Pixelmator for iPad Announced (with Video Teaser)

At today’s Apple keynote, the Cupertino company announced their new iPad tablets and a new 5K retina iMac. All that is great but what caught my attention was when the demo for Pixelmator on an iPad was shown.

Pixelmator is a Photoshop alternative app for Mac that I personally use for all my design work at one point or another. I’ve Been using it for over a year and always wondered why there was not an iPad app to tie in the workflow. Today, the small Pixelmator team surprised every designer with this release. Support and updates for Pixelmator on the Mac is unrivalled. The only other app that comes to mind when judging the attention to design and development would be Procreate for iPad.

Here is a video teaser released by the Pixelmator team:

“Pixelmator for iPad is coming out very soon. It will cost $4.99, and it is going to be awesome.” say the developers on their latest blog post. I really believe that this a step forward for all designers using Mac because the workflow will be seamless if the app is done right.. start painting on iPad and finish in Pixelmator for Mac. Same would go for photo editing. I just can’t wait for the release.


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