iPad Pro with pressure sensitive screen… a possibility.

Apple held its Apple Watch keynote event today. Though it was mostly about the watch, Apple also unveiled a new Macbook model. One innovation in particular caught my attention.

A new trackpad was mentioned to be included in this new Macbook as well as the latest MacBook Pro Retina (13 inch). This Trackpad will use a Technology called Force Touch. Here is a description found on Apple’s website: “The new Force Touch trackpad on the 13-inch model takes all the capabilities of Multi-Touch and adds force sensors that detect subtle differences in the amount of downward pressure you apply.”

image on Apple’s website

Apple also writes in a section called Pressure-Sensitive Drawing: “Press lightly for a thin stroke or harder for a thick one — just as you would with a pen or stylus — when marking up a Mail attachment or signing your name on a form with your fingertip.”

After reading that, one can’t help but imagine what this new Apple tech could be if applied to a larger surface (12.9 inch maybe?). If Apple would unveil a larger iPad Pro, I would hope that they leverage this tech and implement it to good use on that creative focused device. If it works well, it could really make apps like Procreate allow pressure sensitivity with any stylus or even your finger.

The possibilities of this new technology makes me hopeful for the next iPad product. Apple has a history of using tech on a bigger prototype device but commercialize it in a smaller scale (iPhone multitouch screen technology came from a prototype iPad made before the iPhone).

Do you think Apple should implement Force Touch technology in the next iPad?.. sound off in the comments section.


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