Say What You See (SWYS) – 06

Here is this week’s SWYS art!

As always I encourage you to write your interpretation of the posted piece!

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Say What You See (SWYS) – 04

Here is the SWYS art for this week:


©SKR Imaging

As always, I urge all readers of this article to post a comment stating what they see in the posted art. You can squint your eyes or just post the first thing that comes to your mind when seeing the image.

Help the creative discussions grow!







Say What You See (SWYS) – 01

Every individual interprets art in their own way. When people look at an abstract painting being displayed in a gallery, some might see the same thing as another while others will perceive something completely different

With that thought in mind, I am starting an all new series on this blog called “Say What you See” or SWYS for short. In this series, I will post a sketch I make and I ask you to comment on what you see in the sketch. You might squint your eyes to see the subject or discover it at first glance. Once you see a familiar shape or form, describe it as a comment here and keep the artistic interpretation growing. You can also write if you see many subjects too.

Here is the first sketch in this series:


©SKR Imaging