sunset scene with a hut near canal

MTL TTL 09: Down by the Locks (Lachine Canal)

I made a short trip down to Lachine Canal last weekend. It is a real serene place with a calming feel to it. A friend even described it as “the closest feeling of California in Montreal”.

Here is my photographic experience of the beautiful Lachine Canal:

Sailbots in a lot

Sailboat Storage

Sailboats parked near a dock

Sailboat Parking

boats in water with sunset sky

Boats Lounging in sunset

Boat riders in water with sunset

Living the Boat Life

water and dock

Rippling Dock

Face Sculpture on hill

Face of the Hill

Close up of face sculpture

Face to Face with the Face

sunset scene with a hut near canal

The Hut

Lachine church with dramatic sky


statue of jesus atop column

Jesus Christ Monument

tree bending towards lake with nice sunset sky

The Bowing Tree


This was a great experience and one I plan on having again soon. I urge you all to visit the Lachine canal and trust me, you will want to return time and time again!


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MTL TTL 08: Fireworks

I went to the old port of Montreal last night to take some pictures of 32nd edition of L’International des Feux Loto-Québec. It is a yearly fireworks display that goes on every Saturday and Wednesday for the whole month of July. It is a very popular Montreal summer event.

This was my first foray into taking pictures of fireworks and let me tell you that it takes practice, patience and timing. You will most likely end up shooting many pictures and only a few might come out usable. I shot 30 snaps and only 1 of those was a keeper.

Here is the sole keeper shot (not the best fireworks image you will witness but it’s a start):

@SKR Imaging

Old port fireworks

The next time I shoot fireworks photographs, I will take what I learned with this shoot and improve upon it to achieve more keeper shots. A few important things will be to find the best spot with better foreground subjects to frame the shot without obstructing the firework display. I might try shooting from a bridge vantage point to be a little closer to the action.

Let me know what you think of the shot and if any of you have previously taken firework photographs, I would love to hear about your experiences aswell!



MTL TTL 07: National Archives in Old Montreal (BAnQ Vieux-Montréal)

I discovered BAnQ Vieux-Montréal not long ago while I was searching for great architectural vistas in and around Montreal.

BAnQ Vieux-Montréal is situated near the old port of Montreal. I was unaware of this building until recently. 

Stepping inside this great monument will leave a feeling of awe in any admirer of architectural beauty. It is a great place to go and study in a calm environment where you can truly focus on your work without any distractions.

Here is a photo gallery of my experience inside this amazing man made wonder of Montreal. I urge anyone in Montreal to visit BAnQ Vieux-Montréal at least once and I am sure you will want to return again.


Warm Welcome


Table Lamps


Archival References


Spiral Staircase Closeup




Chairs Apart




Tall View


View from Afar


Spiral Stairs Underbelly


Historic Montreal Map


Scholars at the entrance




Exit showing Entrance




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MTL TTL 06: Interior of Wonders!

I had a chance to take some pictures this weekend at the “Centre de Commerce Mondial” of Montreal situated near the Square Victoria Metro Station.

I have to say that architecturally speaking, it is a marvel to behold! The interior is breathtaking from the moment you step through the doors.

Enjoy this short gallery and be sure to visit this stunning center if you are ever in Montreal!


Reflected Lights


Pool of Wonders


Serpentine Entrance


Bridging the Gap


Look Up


Photo Gallery of MRRWGRAMS

Here is a collection of all my MRRWGRAM images from the oldest to the most recent.

All my MRRWGRAM images are crafted using the great iphone photo app SKRWT (using the MRRW extension built-in)

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Reflected Park! #mrrwgram

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Montreal night bright #mrrwgram

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Treeluminate #mrrwgram

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Be fearful of the EYE #mrrwgram

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The Dojo #mrrwgram

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Celebrating Light #mrrwgram

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The Orb #mrrwgram

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Emperor's Courtyard #mrrwgram

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Dragon Scroll #montreal #mrrwgram

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Montreal's Stargate #mrrwgram #montreal #olympicstadium

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Peacock's Gaze #montreal #mrrwgram

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The Structure #iphoneography #mrrwgram

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Walkway to starship #montreal #mrrwgram #skrwt

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Starship internals #montreal #mrrwgram #skrwt

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Elevate #montreal #mrrwgram #skrwt

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MTL-TTL 05: Art under the bridge!

I was walking 2 weeks ago under the overpass near the Rosemont metro station and I just had to stop and take a couple of pictures to capture the night view the streets had to offer.

Hope you all enjoy a part of Montreal at night.


Pillars lined up


Street Art awaits


Quirky Art


Thoughtful Piece (too bad for the tags)


MTL TTL 02: University Of Montreal (Winter)

2After a huge snow fall on friday, the landscape of the Montreal University was draped in a white blanket. It was a fitting start to my MTL TTL series. With my iPhone in hand, I set forth to find some interesting views to share with all of you. Here are some of the vistas from friday evening.

I wish I had a better camera for low light photography in hand but still surprised how decent the iphone lens was at night. Like Chase Jarvis once stated, “the best camera is the one that’s with you.”