Photolemur: Artificial Intelligence in photo editing

logotypeI Recently discovered a new photo editing app for Mac and PC that allows one to edit a photo without doing anything. The app doing this magic is called Photolemur. I have currently installed the latest available version 2.1.

All you have to do is import an image by either dragging the image in the Photolemur splash dialog box or clicking the import button. After that, just watch the app do it’s magic and after the wizardry is done, see the resulting image.

Photolemur will analyze the photo and apply different edits where needed depending on the values of the image (brightness, shadows, noise reduction, etc).

See the app in action:

Here is a photo I fed Photolemur and was quite impressed with the end result (though it has some flaws – explained later in the review)


Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 5.53.48 PM


Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 5.54.03 PM
The app supports many different types of images and also supports many RAW image formats.

I think Photolemur is quite good at providing a striking edit and sharp images overall but in some instances found the app to be applying too much brightness or contrast and would like a way to tone down the final result and reduce the dramatic nature of the edit. I also found that the noise reduction algorithms are not to my liking in this app. Would have also liked to have a way to zoom the result in the app to be able to see details before exporting. A native full screen toggle could also be a nice addition as currently, the app has a windowed only mode and cannot be resized at all.

Here is an example of the noise reduction issues I am having in some images: when zooming in 100 %, artifacts start appearing. I tested the same image in Picktorial and the noise reduction in that app was accurate and showed no artifacts because I could fine tune the color noise and luma noise levels to obtain the perfect balance. Because Photolemur has no sliders to fine tune, it is an all or nothing deal and that can be polarizing for someone who likes to edit their images with different values.

Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 6.07.07 PM

Recently, the development team have teased a new 2.2 update coming to the app that will add a slider to turn control the edited result. I have not yet been able to get on the beta list to try this new update out but looking forward to giving it a spin once released.

Photolemur 2.2 (code name: Spectre) Features:

  • Faster image enhancement algorithm
  • Slider to control the outgoing result
  • Plug Photolemur into Apple Photos Extension, Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop
  • RAW Processing (900+ cameras)

Here is the link to the new 2.2 version announcement.

The app can be purchased directly from the Photolemur website and is priced at 30$ for an individual licence and 50$ for a family licence.

Photolemur is a great app for when you want to just take an image and with no fuss obtain a pleasing final image and share it to your favourite social network. Do not expect fine tuning features in this app as the main selling point of this app is fast and easy automated editing to get you shooting more photos and not worry about the editing part. I will keep feeding RAW photos to this app and see what the results. Follow me on Instagram where I shall post Photolemur edited images from time to time.



Portafolio for iPad – simple and clean portfolio editor (App Review)

I had been looking for a great app that would allow me to create portfolios on the go and be able to edit and add elements without much fuss. I recently stumbled upon just that app. Portafolio for iPad is a simple, minimal app that covers most of my portfolio making needs. Dive in to the review for an in depth look.

The first thing you will notice when opening the app is how easy on the eyes the interface is. Not too many toggles and buttons to overwhelm you.

Home Screen

Home Screen shows all the projects in your portfolio

The great thing about Portafolio is that all your projects are neatly displayed in a clean and elegant interface every time you open the app. This is quite important if you want to show potential clients your different work. Also, projects load quickly because they are saved to your device and all images are saved in their original resolution. No need to look for network connections to show your work.

GIF Portafolio

A quick look at Portafolio in action

Portafolio allows you to layout projects using the many different templates included in the app.


Some of the templates in Portafolio

Each template allows you to either import an image in the picture frame or an interactive gallery. I wish there were more options like changing background colour of the page (dark grey would have been a great option) and also setting to position and resize the default frames to customize the look of each page but even without those advanced options, there are plenty of templates to choose from and will be sufficient for most users needs.

Edit Scren

Edit panel

When browsing the project, the viewer can tap the images to see a full size photo. This makes for a very interactive experience.

All projects can be exported as a PDF file and easily shared to clients via email. There are some third party apps like Notability that can also accept the PDF projects. I have reached out to the developer to request an option to send PDF directly to other apps like PDF Expert by Readdle. The team is currently looking into integrating with other apps so hopefully a future update can add this functionality.

In this quick video, you can see an example of a complete project I have created using Portafolio and how the interactive experience comes into play on the iPad. (you will recognize the photos from my earlier shoot at BanQ Vieux Montréal)


Overall recommendation:

After using this app for a few days, I can honestly say that it made creating a portfolio on iPad a breeze. Some advanced customization options would be welcome but the current iteration has more than enough templates to choose from.

The developer team is always willing to listen to feedback and that to me is a huge asset for any app!

Speaking of which, I recently got news from the developer team that an iPhone app is also in the works. The app will be called “Unfold: Stories” and is slated to release on June 12th, 2017. It will have the same functionality of Portafolio but scaled to fit the iPhone’s screen. I do not have more detail on the app for now but rest assured that I will conduct a full review once released so stay tuned for that.

All in all, I feel very comfortable in recommending this app to any artist or photographer out there who uses an iPad to showcase their work. Portafolio for iPad will make your experience that much more simple and clean.


Happy Birthday Montreal!



Today is Montreal’s 375th birthday!

I live and breathe Montreal every single day and am always discovering new splendours in this beautiful city so I had to compose this post dedicated to this magnificent city’s 375th day of inauguration.

@SKR Imaging

Old port fireworks

This city offers me many different shades of emotions in my art. Sometimes moody, sometimes joyful but at all times inspiring.

Moody Montreal #montreal #downtown #buildings #iphoneography @livemontreal @mtlblog

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It can be at times a taste of Europe and when viewed from another angle becomes a bustling metropolis. Some parts of this great city can also give out a Californian vibe.

Night out #MTL #DOWNTOWN

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I wish this city all the best in the 375 years to come!

Bonne Fête Montréal!

sunset scene with a hut near canal

MTL TTL 09: Down by the Locks (Lachine Canal)

I made a short trip down to Lachine Canal last weekend. It is a real serene place with a calming feel to it. A friend even described it as “the closest feeling of California in Montreal”.

Here is my photographic experience of the beautiful Lachine Canal:

Sailbots in a lot

Sailboat Storage

Sailboats parked near a dock

Sailboat Parking

boats in water with sunset sky

Boats Lounging in sunset

Boat riders in water with sunset

Living the Boat Life

water and dock

Rippling Dock

Face Sculpture on hill

Face of the Hill

Close up of face sculpture

Face to Face with the Face

sunset scene with a hut near canal

The Hut

Lachine church with dramatic sky


statue of jesus atop column

Jesus Christ Monument

tree bending towards lake with nice sunset sky

The Bowing Tree


This was a great experience and one I plan on having again soon. I urge you all to visit the Lachine canal and trust me, you will want to return time and time again!


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MTL TTL 08: Fireworks

I went to the old port of Montreal last night to take some pictures of 32nd edition of L’International des Feux Loto-Québec. It is a yearly fireworks display that goes on every Saturday and Wednesday for the whole month of July. It is a very popular Montreal summer event.

This was my first foray into taking pictures of fireworks and let me tell you that it takes practice, patience and timing. You will most likely end up shooting many pictures and only a few might come out usable. I shot 30 snaps and only 1 of those was a keeper.

Here is the sole keeper shot (not the best fireworks image you will witness but it’s a start):

@SKR Imaging

Old port fireworks

The next time I shoot fireworks photographs, I will take what I learned with this shoot and improve upon it to achieve more keeper shots. A few important things will be to find the best spot with better foreground subjects to frame the shot without obstructing the firework display. I might try shooting from a bridge vantage point to be a little closer to the action.

Let me know what you think of the shot and if any of you have previously taken firework photographs, I would love to hear about your experiences aswell!



MTL TTL 07: National Archives in Old Montreal (BAnQ Vieux-Montréal)

I discovered BAnQ Vieux-Montréal not long ago while I was searching for great architectural vistas in and around Montreal.

BAnQ Vieux-Montréal is situated near the old port of Montreal. I was unaware of this building until recently. 

Stepping inside this great monument will leave a feeling of awe in any admirer of architectural beauty. It is a great place to go and study in a calm environment where you can truly focus on your work without any distractions.

Here is a photo gallery of my experience inside this amazing man made wonder of Montreal. I urge anyone in Montreal to visit BAnQ Vieux-Montréal at least once and I am sure you will want to return again.


Warm Welcome


Table Lamps


Archival References


Spiral Staircase Closeup




Chairs Apart




Tall View


View from Afar


Spiral Stairs Underbelly


Historic Montreal Map


Scholars at the entrance




Exit showing Entrance





MTL TTL 06: Interior of Wonders!

I had a chance to take some pictures this weekend at the “Centre de Commerce Mondial” of Montreal situated near the Square Victoria Metro Station.

I have to say that architecturally speaking, it is a marvel to behold! The interior is breathtaking from the moment you step through the doors.

Enjoy this short gallery and be sure to visit this stunning center if you are ever in Montreal!


Reflected Lights


Pool of Wonders


Serpentine Entrance


Bridging the Gap


Look Up