Frost Dragon – iPad Painting

Dragons have been some of my favourite mythological creatures since I can remember. The grace and power of these beasts invoke inspiring visuals.

For my latest art piece, I decided to paint a dragon with more detail than any of my previous paintings. As such, the scaling detail of the dragon’s skin was the most time consuming part of it.

I present to you, Frost Dragon:

Frost Dragon

Frost Dragon – Made on iPad using Procreate app. Background created in Inkpad app. Total tracked time for this art is 7 hours 37 minutes.


I hope you enjoy this piece as much as I have enjoyed working on it! If you do, please share this post with your friends!


Illustration I did in collaboration with the ‘P’tite Vite’ blog // Collaboration avec le blog P’tite Vite

Arroseur Arrosé

This is an illustration that I recently completed for a short story called ‘L’arroseur Arrosé’ published in the P’tite Vite blog.

Illustration was done on an iPad using my trusty Procreate app.

The P’tite Vite blog contains different short stories pertaining to various genres. Each short story is published in French in collaboration with an artist who interprets the story in his or her own creative way; be it a photo or an illustration.

I look forward to collaborating with this blog in the future for more story interpretations.

I encourage you to check out the blog and read all the great stories. Each one has an interesting appeal.


Voici une illustration que j’ai complété pour la courte nouvelle intitulée ‘L’arroseur Arrosé’ publié dans le blog littéraire P’tite Vite.

L’illustration a été effectué sur mon iPad à l’aide de l’application Procreate qui m’a tant servi.

Ce blog contient plusieurs “quickies littéraires” de tout genres publiés en collaboration avec divers artistes qui interprètent la courte nouvelle de manière créative; que ce soit par une photo ou une illustration.

J’espère collaborer avec ce blog littéraire dans le futur pour d’autre interprétations littéraires.

Je vous encourage à visiter ce blog et à lire les divers quickies littéraires qui s’y trouvent. Il y en a pour tout les goûts.

iPad Paintings

The Apple iPad is a great platform for anyone who loves to draw and paint.

Many apps are available in the app store that take advantage of the great looking retina display of the 3rd gen. iPad.

My top pick is Savage Interactive’s Procreate. It allows you to sketch and paint with great fluidity and speed. This app has never lagged on me. I have tried many different apps such as Art Rage (really slow) and Sketchbook Pro (many different brush types but not as fas) but Procreate is the one I come back to all the time because of the great speed it delivers to each stroke.

Here is an example of a painting I recently completed using the above mentioned Procreate app:


On this Blog, I shall regularly post illustrations that I have made on my iPad, so stay tuned.

Tweetor (iPad painting)

Tweetor by SKR imaging
Tweetor, a photo by SKR imaging on Flickr.

This is a painting of a character I created called Tweetor. Tweeting is all he craze these days and I decided to give tweeting a superhero. This led to the birth of Tweetor.

This painting was created using Procreate for iPad. Vignette was added to the final result using Snapseed for iPad.