Mikey being Mikey!

A Fellow Chucker! -TMNT Fan Art (iPad Painting)

Here is my latest art piece featuring a scene from the 1990 Ninja Turtles movie.

In a recent Facebook group poll, I asked members which character they wanted me to paint next from this movie.

Mikey was most voted so here he is twirling his famous nunchucks!


Mikey being Mikey!

Hope you all like this!

Next up will be Donnie; second most voted!

Look Out Raph!

Look Out Raph! (iPad Painting)

I have been a huge fan of the Ninja Turtles franchise for a long time and the first live action movie, released back in 1990, still remains the best iteration we have of the TMNT on the big screen in my opinion.

As a tribute to that film and at the same a chance for me to practice painting and sketching from reference, I am starting a new series of paintings that showcase scenes from the movie that I feel capture the different characters.

For my first post, I present to you my favourite turtle of the bunch; Raphael (Raph).


Look Out Raph!

All the paintings in this series will be done on my iPad using, you guessed it, the awesome Procreate app.

Hope you all enjoy this artistic tribute to the Heroes in a Half Shell!




Frost Dragon – iPad Painting

Dragons have been some of my favourite mythological creatures since I can remember. The grace and power of these beasts invoke inspiring visuals.

For my latest art piece, I decided to paint a dragon with more detail than any of my previous paintings. As such, the scaling detail of the dragon’s skin was the most time consuming part of it.

I present to you, Frost Dragon:

Frost Dragon

Frost Dragon – Made on iPad using Procreate app. Background created in Inkpad app. Total tracked time for this art is 7 hours 37 minutes.


I hope you enjoy this piece as much as I have enjoyed working on it! If you do, please share this post with your friends!

Hidden Seeker

Hidden Seeker

With all the Pokémon Go craze happening around the world, I thought about this concept of a monster trying to hide behind a pillar of Montreal City Hall.

I had shot this photo a while back and recently dug it out of  my collection.. The angle felt right so I sketched a monster/creature on top of it.

After a few hours of refinement, I ended up with this final piece:


Hidden Seeker

Hidden Seeker ©SKR Imaging

Photo shot on iPhone… Monster painted on iPad using the Procreate app.

More monsters might be hiding in the city, stay tuned.

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Friends of Evolution (iPad Art)

©SKR Imaging

©SKR Imaging

I recently installed a new iPad art app called Sketch Club after many talented artists praised its feature set. This is my first art made using said App and I have to admit that it is really an impressive tool in my iPad Art arsenal.

I haven’t played with it much so can not provide a complete review just yet but from the one tool I have had the time to use, it was great. That tool was the Sketchy mode which allowed me to achieve strokes that are quite natural and enabled me to sketch freely with ease.

I am still an avid Procreate user and don’t plan on abandoning it anytime soon as it provides me with amazing brushes and fluidity as-well as the 4k canvas I require for many of my personal landscape and Concept Art projects.

The interface of Procreate is more to my liking but the Sketch Club developers have nonetheless done a great job presenting the different tools and modes. The thing with Sketch Club is that it is more focused on the social aspect of Art and as such, the interface was split to gallery mode and club mode and tends to feel cumbersome. Procreate, on the other hand, is more personal and its interface feels less obtrusive in my opinion.

I did like that SketchClub has a detailed stats page that provides details on the Art at hand (total time spent on Art, number of strokes made, which brushes were used and many more features)

©SKR Imaging

©SKR Imaging

For now, Sketch Club will remain in my Main Arts folder as it could prove to be a worthy complementary app to Procreate.

Crab Fist (iPad Painting) ©SKR Imaging

Here is a painting I have been working on for quite some time.. I was inspired to create a new mutant and here he is.. He’s called Crab Fist.. He looks clumsy but can do serious damage with his claws..

This was my first attempt at creating a backdrop for a character painting.. Hopefully I’ve succeeded to portray a fitting environment.

Let me know what you think in the comments section.

Crab Fist