Mikey being Mikey!

A Fellow Chucker! -TMNT Fan Art (iPad Painting)

Here is my latest art piece featuring a scene from the 1990 Ninja Turtles movie.

In a recent Facebook group poll, I asked members which character they wanted me to paint next from this movie.

Mikey was most voted so here he is twirling his famous nunchucks!


Mikey being Mikey!

Hope you all like this!

Next up will be Donnie; second most voted!

Look Out Raph!

Look Out Raph! (iPad Painting)

I have been a huge fan of the Ninja Turtles franchise for a long time and the first live action movie, released back in 1990, still remains the best iteration we have of the TMNT on the big screen in my opinion.

As a tribute to that film and at the same a chance for me to practice painting and sketching from reference, I am starting a new series of paintings that showcase scenes from the movie that I feel capture the different characters.

For my first post, I present to you my favourite turtle of the bunch; Raphael (Raph).


Look Out Raph!

All the paintings in this series will be done on my iPad using, you guessed it, the awesome Procreate app.

Hope you all enjoy this artistic tribute to the Heroes in a Half Shell!




TMNT fan art (WIP) iPad sketch

Was working on this fan art piece last saturday and yesterday, the official movie trailer for the Ninja Turtles movie was released.. Quite coincidental..

Had to share my early sketch after seeing the trailer.

I chose to draw Raphael, ready for combat, because it displays his agressive nature and fierceness.

Sketch was all done on iPad using Procreate app. Let me know what you guys think and also, who is your favorite TMNT character. Comment below!


Link to movie trailer for 2014 Ninja Turtles movie: